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feiert 20 Jahre Bildkommunikation

Swiss photo agency for image in pictures


- Event images for your enjoyment

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on mobile phones and tablets - with the new sharing of photos on Facebook

www.liveimage.ch - follow professional images of events live on your phone, and share your favorite photos directly with friends!

Press Photos

from Switzerland - free of charge for print, online and television media

White Turf St. MOritz offers spectacular horse races on the frozen lake St. Moritz.

Powerful press photos of top Swiss events

Exciting photographs of top Swiss events from sports, society, business, and culture are available with no charge to accredited editorial offices of public media (print, online, TV). swiss-image.ch arranges this unique press photo service on behalf of event organizers. Our cutting-edge event photographs conform to international agency standards, and are available to the media in the highest available image resolution with captions as pre-scribed by the IPTC. With the use of the swiss-image.ch LiveImage workflow , the latest photos are typically online five to ten minutes after they are taken, particu-larly in parallel to each photographer, optimizing the im-age editing of the photos. The new swiss-image.ch im-age database  ensures high levels of visibility and ease of operation.

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Photo Michael Mettler

Winterlicher Arnisee bei Gurtnellen.

The most beautiful tourism images for media throughout the world

The best images of the leading Swiss tourism photogra-phers are available to the national and international me-dia. As one of the first online tourism image archives, since 1998, swiss-image.ch has shown the many facets of Switzerland - from the historic towns and bustling shopping streets, the many lakes and colorful land-scapes, up to the four-thousand-meter peaks with their glaciers and ski resorts. For tourism reporting through Switzerland, the most beautiful Swiss photographs are available to the media with no charge. Our central image archive is also used incredibly frequently by journalists. It is often the case that its large selection, intuitive search and high degree of availability is more valued than its free use. With the new swiss-image.ch image database, photos can be obtained even faster and more easily.

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Photo Jan Geerk

Photo Agency

on behalf of Swiss event and tourism organizations

Events in Pictures - powerful photos and advanced web tools for the leading event image service on the market

With the "Events in Pictures" image service, swiss-image.ch combines outstanding event and sports pho-tography with modern, mostly self-developed technical tools, along with efficient communication and distribu-tion. The heart of our successful system is Live Image - our photographers send the best event photos directly from their cameras to our image editors through the mobile Internet. In an almost fully automatic manner, such images are processed and presented in a LiveSlide (animated slideshow on the event website). The photos are integrated into a LiveGallery for mobile phones and tablets. The time between the photos being taken and appearing on mobile devices is 30 seconds at most.

Currently, one of our priority focuses is viral image communication. With the use of "share buttons," it is al-ready possible to easily and quickly download and share all photos in the Live Gallery on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Each "friend" of the event is called upon to use the images for his or her social net-works. Since 1998, swiss-image.ch has supported over 1,000 events, analyzed all operations and engaged in debrief-ing efforts with the organizers. In doing so, we have grown into an event image service with no equal. We have developed a solution for virtually any need regard-ing images. Instructional assistance in implementing im-age solutions has become increasingly important. We do not let event organizers fend for themselves!

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Photos Andy Mettler/swiss-image.ch



Geheimtipp für Freerider: Lachneralp im Lötschental, Walliss.

Tourism in Pictures - image hosting for Swiss tourism with a broad range and a high degree of efficiency

In 1998, swiss-image.ch introduced the online image hosting for tourism. The underlying idea is simple - jour-nalists and editors appreciate the rapid availability of outstanding tourist photographs on the Internet with, at the same time, the least possible effort in searching. What is desired is not 100 image solutions such as Flickr, Dropbox, etc. from each individual destination, but a central and professional database. swiss-image.ch has offered this central image portal since 1998. Thanks to our market presence in Switzerland tourism and our activities, www.swiss-image.ch has become the most widely used tourism-related image database in Switzer-land. So far, photos have been downloaded by the me-dia approximately three million times. Approximately 6,500 editors around the world are accredited. For Swiss tourism organizations, this opens up unexpected distri-bution opportunities for their images, which they would miss with a stand-alone solution. Given our quality standards and the international photo agency standards applied by swiss-image.ch, both image providers and image users obtain a professional solution that will also best protect the rights of photographers. Tourism organ-izations that focus their communication on quality and image are right at home with swiss-image.ch. Ask us about the costs - you are sure to be surprised.

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Photo Simon Starkl

Raetian Railways celebreting 100 years of Chur-Arosa

Companies in Pictures: Image services for companies and organizations that prefer modern image communication

Companies and organizations that have freed themselves from the PR school of the 1980s and 1990s, and want to rise to a higher level can find a wide range of modern forms of image communication and image distribution with swiss-image.ch. We are your expert partner for image databases, image hosting, training, and seminars. We have excellent and experienced photographers and, with our "Events in Pictures" service package, the right partners for your large and small events. One of our core competencies is event image solutions. As a modern company, you are sure to be interested in our LiveImage service. It is suitable for many events, from annual meetings, media conferences, management events, up to major corporate events. In every case, our photos are immediately available online, and are immediately at the disposal of your corporate communication team for print, web, social media, etc. from the image database (not public, for media requests where necessary). We top this service with our LiveImage package: 

  • LiveSlide. Slideshow for integration into your website or presentation on screens / projectors
  • LiveGallery. Live photos on smartphones and tablets.
  • LiveNet. A new form of viral image communication. All live photos in galleries and slideshows are equipped with a share button, and can be downloaded and shared by your guests and employees on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.
  • Press image service. We provide the media with photos on your website on a timely basis, free of charge.


Foto Andy Mettler/swiss-image.ch

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Photo Tina Steinauer

The photographs in the swiss-image.ch image portal are free of charge only for pure media use (see General Terms and Conditions of Business). Rights to use for the photos can be purchased for a fee.

  • Tourism photographs are subject to fees for all other commercial and non-commercial types of use (advertising, corporate journalism, Internet, print, etc.)! You can obtain corresponding rights of use directly from the photographer. Please fill out the accompanying form.
  • The event images on swiss-image.ch are also free of charge only for pure media use. Of course, rights of use for event photos for commercial and noncommercial uses (such as advertising, the Internet, corporate journalism, etc.) can be purchased for a fee at swiss-image.ch. Please fill out the form - we will get in touch with you. Thank you very much.

Requests for tourism images are forwarded directly to the photographer. This photographer will get in touch with you.

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