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General Terms

and Conditions of Swiss-Image GmbH, Davos/Switzerland

Images on swiss-image.ch are only royalty-free for use by the media!

"Swiss Strong Man Festival" in Burgdorf 2013

General Terms and Conditions of Use for swiss-image.ch

  1. Swiss-Image GmbH publishes its partners' high resolution pictures on the Internet as a new kind of media service. This service is made available to the medias by leading Swiss tourism organizations, events, institutions, clubs, societies and companies (hereafter referred to as swiss- image.ch partner/s or SI partner/s.

  2. The SI partners distribute global or individual user names and passwords, that give access to the pictures of the SI partners. After the individual registration at www.swiss-image.ch every entitled media partner recieves a global or individual password, that enables the access to the entire or parts of the picture archive of swiss-image.ch. 
  3. Global or individual passwords are only allowed to be used within the same editorial office. Apart from this group, further circulation of a password is prohibited.

  4. The download entitled medias (newspapers, magazines, tv-stations, news websites) and partners are allowed to publish pictures, that they have got from www.swiss-image.ch in their publication in the editorial part without paying a fee, as far as the general conditions of www.swiss-image.ch are not broken in any way.

  5. The obtained pictures of swiss-image.ch are not permitted to be stored electronically nor in any other form. The digital pictures are to be deleted the latest after 60 days from the (editorial-)computer or other electronical storage media.

  6. Pictures of swiss-image.ch are not allowed to be manipulated nor is it allowed to falsify the meaning of the picture in an image manipulation program. The central sense of the picture is not permitted to be changed. 

  7. The download entitled medias and partners receive with the download the permission to publish the picture(s) once in the editorial part of their publication. Pictures taken from the TOURISMindex may be published only in editorial articles with a touristic context.

  8. Every published picture must carry the by-line (picture swiss-image.ch/photographers name) or (photo swiss-image.ch/photographers name) or (photo by swiss-image.ch/photographers name) or the name of the copyrightholder/photographers name or something similar. By-lines reading (picture made available by/ courtesy of) or (picture media service) are not acceptable.

  9. It is not permitted to duplicate, sell or trade swiss-image.ch pictures, to distribute or sell them via photographic agencies or to archive them in digital or analog image archives for resale or other purposes. Online news portals may not make high-resolution images available for download (FTP or HTTP downloads); the pictures may be published on a website with editorial content with a maximum resolution of 1600 pixels (longer side).

  10. With regard to the wider distribution of images by other photographic agencies, swiss-image.ch may determine when, in the case of especially important events, swiss-image.ch pictures may be distributed as hand-out photos (byline …/HO swiss-image.ch) by photographic agencies in line with international HO rules. Photo distribution by photographic agencies must always be free of charge.

  11. The charge-free use of images from Swiss-image.ch's tourism index is permitted only to media users. User rights for other image purposes (commercial and non-commercial use) may be acquired directly from the photographer or from the owner of the user rights in return for a fee.

  12. The charge-free use of images from the event index is permitted only to media users. Rights for commercial and non-commercial use may be acquired from Swiss-Image GmbH in return for a fee. The relevant online forms can be found on this website.

  13. In all cases, copyrights and all other rights to swiss-image.ch pictures and text remain with Swiss-Image GmbH, its SI partners and the image creators.

  14.  Misuse of swiss-image.ch pictures may result in access to www.swiss-image.ch being blocked, a civil lawsuit under Art. 61 et seq. of the Copyright Act (Urheberrechtsgesetz - URG) and a criminal complaint under Art. 67 et seq. URG.

  15. The following additional user regulations apply in the case of images bearing the copyright notice "Schweiz Tourismus"

    a) Images from the TOURISM index bearing the copyright notice "Schweiz Tourismus" are also available to authorized Switzerland Tourism partners (such as regions, destinations, tourism service providers, tour operators, commercial partners etc.) exclusively for the purpose of promoting tourism within Switzerland. Commercial use that does not meet the above criterion is not permitted without the prior express consent of the photographer. Only Switzerland Tourism may provide these partners with access to Switzerland Tourism's image archive
    b) The maximum picture size for the use of image material from Switzerland Tourism's portfolio on social media platforms is 1024 pixels (longer side). Source citations must be give
    c) Other limitations as to use are indicated solely in the captions of certain photograph.

  16. Everyone who logs in at www.swiss-image.ch with an user name and a password or gets other access to the picture archive of swiss-image.ch and downloads one or several pictures, automatically accepts the general conditions of Swiss-Image GmbH.

  17. The judicial authority is Davos, Switzerland. Swiss law is applicable.



Photo Andy Mettler/swiss-image.ch